The children's and youth ministries are a vital part of LMBC. Children and Teens should be taught the Bible, and their spiritual development should be thoughtfully and creatively fostered. Our Sunday morning classes;  along with summer Vacation Bible,  and Friday night youth group , Flipside are filled with Biblical lessons and enjoyable activities designed to help students learn, serve, play and lead for the cause of Christ (Proverbs 22:6).


Ages 12-18

The FlipSide is a weekly Friday night & Sunday morning gathering of teens led by Landmark's youth pastor, Conner Robles. Youths have opportunity to grow in their Christian journey by building relationships with God and their peers, all the while learning to know Christ intimately so that as they enter into adulthood, they know the truth of abiding in Him. Flipside youth participate in many fun activities that bring them not only closer to each other but more importantly, closer to God. Agape International Missions, Acquire the Fire, purity retreat are just a few of the events that the Flipside youth participate throughout the year.